Principles and Vision

We want to excite customers all around the world

Our company Aisan Industry, Co. Ltd. As a functional automotive parts maker, has been focused since its establishment in 1938 on society mobility development by manufacturing safety products, which are enviromental friendly. Eventhough the automotive industry has benn going through many severe and unprecedent changes recently, our conviction to contribute the society by Monozukuri and technology will never change. It is our goal according to the Vision 2020 „Carving the Future for Customers; excite all our customers“, when our company will concentrate its power for creating prosperous and sustainable society by eliminating deficiency in manufacturing proces and offering new values.

Company philosophy

◦ To make products with maximum customer focus.

◦ To reach high quality products by knowledge and technology.

◦ To create fair workplace with satisfied and engaged employees

To be beneficial to our neighbourhood by our business propsperity